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Full Version: Selling Some Beyblades
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I have some Beyblades I am trying to sell. I'm coming here first to see if anyone wants to buy them before going to Ebay:

PM me offers
No ridiculous offers (eg $1 offers) please.

Shipping - USPS Flat Rate Boxes
US - $4.95
Worldwide - $12.95

Death Gargoyle MS

Condition: Used, Good. No major highlights

[Image: Photo-0027.jpg]

Wolborg MS

Condition: Used, Good. Bearing Core is twisting a bit

[Image: Photo-0028.jpg]

Driger G

Condition: Used, Good. No major detriments.

[Image: Photo-0026.jpg]

Ultimate Frostic Dranzer set. Comes with Gekiryu-Oh Bit

Additions: Tiger Defenser (Driger S) + 10 Balance

[Image: Photo-0030.jpg]

Zombie Customization Set

*I may be willing to remove parts at bidder's request, but I'd prefer to keep it together.

[Image: Photo-0031.jpg]

Wolborg 4

Condition: Barely used

[Image: DSC00071.jpg]

Dark Wolf DF145FS

Condition: DF145 and FS used for light testing.
Additions: Light Launcher and Winder

[Image: DSC00072.jpg]
do you get a shooter/winder
you stole my idea Tongue_out
(Jul. 31, 2009  12:29 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]you stole my idea Tongue_out

with the whole zombie set and stuff?

i'm only kidding i sincerely do not care

good luck selling
does drigerg's engine gear still work
(Jul. 31, 2009  12:25 PM)Muslimboi Wrote: [ -> ]do you get a shooter/winder

For the HMS: I just found them (lol), so yes.
For the Plastics: I can, but it will be a random one I pick up and its condition will vary.

Bey Brad Wrote:you stole my idea Smile

You inspired me :3 and thanks for the good lucks.

ginga Wrote:does drigerg's engine gear still work

Not gonna lie, sometimes it doesn't lock when I wind it and other times it will. It's been like since about a week after I bought it. Personally, I feel it works better without the winding the EG.
All EG's sometimes just go wrong, I mean the winding

Just launch the bey 1 or 2 times and it will start working again
Yea, I meant to put that. Thanks.

I added Dark Wolf to the list, in case someone wanted it. It doesn't have a picture yet, but it's been barely used. DF145FS track and bottom was used for testing briefly.
do you have the ultimate frostic dranzer bit?
No I don't, unfortunately.
intersted in gabriel
The main attack ring is part of the Zombie Customization Set. I do have the EG base lying around, but the Second AR broke/missing. I haven't seen it in a while. Uncertain. I will look for it though.

If you get the Zombie set, I can include the Gabriel base.
that's fine
(Aug. 02, 2009  4:48 AM)PinoBoyTroy Wrote: [ -> ]that's fine

What's fine exactly?
interested in dark wolf
(Aug. 02, 2009  6:14 AM)StormDriger Wrote: [ -> ]interested in dark wolf

PM me offers
No ridiculous offers (eg $1 offers) please.
I am listing these on Ebay so you can bid on them:
I don't care about the second attack ring
You've yet to PM me an offer.
I'm thinking about vortex/voltaic ape, but gabriel could make some use for me too.......
(Jul. 31, 2009  8:10 AM)Tempestas007 Wrote: [ -> ]<first post quote here>

give you 7 to 15 for dark wolf $ if want bargain more
oh by the way you can sell me about 2 or three metal fight including dark wolf somethings nice give like 20 up for good deal but have go bank deposit friday cool right thanks dont want wait but have prepare college$
I don't think anyone would want to do business with you while you type like that.
My Ebay Auction on these end tomorrow. I redid some of the offers and put up new pictures for some. Check it out!
Doing some serious pondering on jumping in on a few of these. Luckily I have time to think it over. Wink
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