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Full Version: Where can I get Driger F~ etc
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I never knew there were still active forums on Beyblades, nice to see you're keeping it alive!

I used to love beyblades when I was younger and I've just recently nostalgia'd real hard when I saw a youtube video of the intro, from this I wanted to get back a Driger F or any of the other Drigers just so I could keep it as a sort of reminder on my desk

I've looked on ebay and the cheapest was like $40 etc, I was wondering if there was anywhere I could buy them for cheaper, I'm from the UK if that helps?

Also, what's the difference where some retailers say TAIWAN version and JAPAN version, are they different? and what are the BLACK SUPER RARE/F RED SUPER RARE, they look the same? And will the stickers be any less sticky

Well the main beyblade I want is the Driger F 'cause I loved that as a kid.

Any help is appreciated!

I can sell you one brand new how much do you offer.