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Full Version: Rip Grind BeyStadium Draft
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So, I've finished the Rip Grind Stadium Article that Kai-V allowed me to do, and I have to say, this may be my best one yet! Any comments, fixes, or critiques?
| image = Rip_Grind_BeyStadium.jpg
| full item name = Rip Grind BeyStadium
| item number = ???
| beyblade system = [[Hasbro XTS Battlers]]


'''Shortest Diameter:''' 41.5 cm

'''Longest Diameter:''' 50.5 cm

'''Tornado Ridge Diameter:''' 17.5 cm

'''Wall Height:''' 11.5 cm

'''Depth:''' 1 cm


The Rip Grind BeyStadium by [[Hasbro]] was designed specifically for [[Hasbro XTS Battlers | XTS Battlers]], but has been known to host [[Metal Fight Beyblade | MFB]] battles in it as well. Its color is bright red. This stadium has an oval like shape to it, and like most of the [[Metal Fury]] BeyStadiums, it has no exits. Its tornado ridge is very small, and its low slope nullifies the ability for bladers to use the [[Sliding Shoot]] technique, even with rubber tips. Furthermore, its lack of exits makes [[Attack]] Types rendered useless in the Stadium. On the opposite side of the primary play area in the tornado ridge is a small circular "tornado ridge", which is about 4.5 centimeters in diameter. It was most likely designed to trap the beyblade's tip, holding it in one place, which counts as a loss for the blader that has his/her Beyblade inside of it. Beyblades with rubber tips or aggressive bottoms can get out of the trap fairly easily, though.

Near the bottom of the BeyStadium's wall is a curve upwards, which allows a beyblade with a circular track or bottom, like X:D or CF, to "ride" the walls. However, this should not be seen as an advantage because this lessens the beyblade's [[Stamina]] even more. This curve may also have been designed to make the Beyblades rebound off the walls in an upwards motion, in an attempt to make a battle more "exciting". This stadium also has a thick layer of blue paint that spells out the letters, "XTS" in a graffiti like style. This paint can sometimes stick on bottoms, dirtying them forever, and affecting their performance afterwards.

The complete lack of exits, the flagrant absence of a decent slope, the non-effectiveness of the so-called "trap", as well as the paint coating combos' tips are all reasons that make this BeyStadium entirely unfair towards anything but Stamina or Defense types. '''Since it does not give a fair chance for all types to shine, this stadium is easily considered illegal for World Beyblade Organization tournaments.'''

==Combos Recommendation==
Any low Stamina customization should do well in this stadium. Defense types are not particularly required since Attack combos are nullified in this stadium, therefore it will often only be a battle of survival. Stamina combinations such as Basalt Bull AD145/100SD/WD and Hell Kerbecs BD145WD will consequently be advantaged.