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Full Version: Beystadium Tournament Dome
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*Stadium dish (White)
*3 Pillars (Yellow)
*3 Pillars (Dark Blue)
*6 Walls (Dark Blue)
*2 Goalposts (Dark Blue)
*1 plasticball (Orange)

This stadium is a gimmick based one and as such is not competitive due to this and the lack of a tornado ridge. This means that there will be a lack of balance between the types and Stamina types will dominate. The gimmick of the stadium is that it has accessories included with it that can be used with the stadium via the indentations in the dish. Due to the accessories being able to be removed and put back on these can customised. The object of some of the accessories is to play games with them. The purpose of the towers and the ball is that you launch your beyblade in order to knock them around. There is also a goalpost accessory which can be inserted where the removable walls go, so that you can knock the orange ball through it with your beyblade. All the accessories can be removed to enable a normal battle with the amount of walls for the stadium customizable.

Other Versions
*ToysRus exclusive version – This version is a recolour of the original version a black dish, 3 yellow pillars, 3 blue pillars and yellow walls and goalposts.

The stadium has an interesting gimmick which has never repeated in the plastic series. However it isn’t competitive due to its lack of a tornado ridge and is incredibly rare like most plastic series stadiums. As such is should only be purchased for collection purposes.
I would really prefer if the stadium was given a full, proper physical description, and then you explain what its gimmick is and how it affects play, and you finish by saying that it is not competitive. You basically did the exact opposite here.