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Full Version: People who change your life or inspired you
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Well... this idea came to my mind:

Do you have people who change your life or inspired you to be better or do something?

well, for me, i have this people:
My dad: he teach me to "be", and to do what i want, he was the most strict of my parents because i needed it, not because he liked it (my mother spoiled me too much), he show me what is intelligence and what is wisdom, he teach me about life, history, politics and family, he show me how to be calm and patient, also how to be independent. I am a man today because of he. I miss him a lot

My sister: she was a single mother, the father is a disaster, and still she wants to be better and better, she really loves her son and raise him with all her strength, she inspired me to be more affectionate with kids and to be more creative

One of my aunts: She show me to be unique, be spontaneous, be a crazy person, to enjoy everything everytime, to be creative, and to pursuit my dreams

My girlfring: She is my devotion, she grew up very slow, but changed so much since i met her, in a good way, she is the image of self-improvement, and she encourage me to be fair, to be honorable, to be all what i like to be and be proud of it

So, what about you then?

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