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Full Version: Your Best Bey!
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What is your Best bey? Everyone has a bey that Defeats there other bey's and there Friends bey's so what is it? and if its a Custom why dont you spill what Combo you Made it with?

SHARE WITH US!!!! OR DIE!!! Joyful_2

sorry i drink to much Hot Coco! XD
Favorite Bey thread already exists. Or you can post in Beyblade Random thoughts. If you need help with a combo, you can always but it in "Build Me a Combo #2" as well. There is also a fun combos thread in the Beyblade Customization forum too.

Seeing you're fairly new, best to read the message you got when you signed up and get to know how things work around here Wink
Not sure if this needs a thread, or already has a thread or something... but here it goes!
I mostly use an evil susanow (black sunor what ever it's called) D125MF.
i made an thermal bull tornado sd, it beat earth eagle,twisted tempo and flash Sagitorio.
nobody will say that here i just reported this postAngry and this wont need it's own thread it should be closed!Angry

Lightning striker ed145 with driger weight disc and LF it's beast
This doesn't need it's own thread and nobody has a best ebyblade because every combo has a weakness.
not best illegal combo. best legal combo.
oh than NVM my last post, sorry