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Full Version: TAKARA-TOMY Regulations September Update.
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This is just a summary of the updates that were made to TAKARA-TOMY's regulations as of September 2012.

  • Touching the stadium with your body, your Beylauncher decorations, etc. is prohibited. The judge will decide if you are disqualified. Therefore, you can be disqualified for it.

  • From what I understand, if the stadium or its fence is moved but because of the venue, a wall, etc., the battle continues.

  • About Zero-G series Synchrom Beys, during the judge's checking of the Beyblades at the beginning of a 3 Deck battle, the upper part of the Synchrom Wheels is limited to no more than two of the same type. This is not really different from the previous 3 Deck battle system, but it means that TAKARA-TOMY considers the upper Chrome Wheel of a Synchrom Wheel to be the dominant one.

  • Mode changing in the middle of a battle (switching the Chrome Wheels from top to bottom, vice versa) is possible ? I am really not certain about this translation.

Those translations are mine, and I am not completely fluent in Japanese, but I think I got the essence of each new rule.

It seems weird that you could change your Beyblade's Synchrom Wheel 'order' right before a battle, considering that, in the 3 Deck battle system, you have three Beyblades, and each of the three matches in the battle must use a different combination.
there seems to exist a paradox between rules 3 and 4. for example, if one had reviser dragooon B: D, Reviser Reviser E230 RS, and Reviser Ifraid TH170 CF (just some examples), but decides to change the first and 3rd combos to dragooon reviser and ifraid reviser, then it would break rule 3.

i guess the judge can also restrict the mode changes if the change would impede on rule 3 though..

anyway, thanks for the update as usual Kai-V!
sorry if this sounds idiotic but im stumped are we using these rules now?
No. These are part of TT's rules.