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Full Version: my competitive combos
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theese are the combos I actually use in tourneys
Phantom bull mfh tr145 swd
phantom bull mfh gb145 w2d
duo wolf mfh s130 swd
blitz pegasus mfh uw145 ms
flash fireblaze mfh w145 mf
fang cetus mfh w145 mb
msf ifraid ifraid b:d
death tempo mfh w105 xf
variares mfh b:d
jade pisces mfh tr145 eds
bakushin gasher mfh s130 ewd
if you have a question about why i use theese combos or what they are supposed to do
or even how they compare to currently accepted top teir say below and i will try to respond
Don't make a thread just to post your combinations!This thread might be closed soon!
ok then where should i put it