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Full Version: Team New Star [Closed, Moderator can close this]
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Team New Star!

This is a group linked with New Nebula!

If you want to join, you may only be in ONE other group. Also, if you join, have a link in your signature to this, and once the forum comes up, the forum too. If you want to join, fill in this format:

Name: (Your real, fake, or nickname): (Mine: Kai)
Primary Combo: (Mine, Infinity Libra C145WB)
Type: (Mine: Defensive)
State: (Mine: Minnesota)
Primary Launcher: (Mine: Alternates with Hasbro's "Custom Grip" and my Ruby Red String launcher)
Age: (You must be at least 10, mine: 11, Don't worry, I lead successful non-Beyblade teams, and act above my age)
Rivals (WBO, optional, Mine: The leader of the alternate team, New Nebula, my friendly rival Ansonih Sama)
Goal: (Beyblade related,)
Rank: (Blader, battles for the team, Supportive, supports the team and if you're this rank you don't need to fill out the form, and mechanic, gives tips on taking care of your bey, and makes combos for other team members.

Ranks: Beginner, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Second-in-Command, and Leader. (Can only be leader if you somehow take my place)

If there's anything else you think I should add, tell me!


New Star: New Nebula (Linked group):
(Leader: DrigerKai ) (Leader: Ansonih Sama)

If you've made the team, I'll confirm you via PM and add you to the member list!
Lolz, I'm your "friendly" rival. MOre like Deadly. Chocked_2
Hopefully this second team thing works...
Am I leader, or second in command on this one?
Technically, you're not in this team, you're in New Nebula, which is linked with New Star.
Sorry for double posting (Not that it will matter anymore), the teams closed and may a moderator close this?