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Full Version: Darkness Howling Blazer Set Draft
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Imperial Wrote:Content:
*BB-29A Dark Wolf DF145FS (Maroon highlights on Clear Wheel, clear Track)
*B-103 Storm Aries 125S (Black Clear Wheel, red Track and Bottom)
*Two Ripcord Launchers

There is no reason to buy this Set; all the parts included are extremely outclassed. Dark is horrid in all aspects, while Storm lacks the weight to handle newer Defense types. 125 is shadowed by more useful Tracks at the same height, for example D125. Also, DF145 is outclassed for Stamina purposes by both W145 and AD145. Furthermore, S is easily knocked off balance, making it useless for Stamina and FS, like all Balance Bottoms, cannot succeed in any one type. Overall, this Set should not be considered for purchase, other than for collection purposes.

How does it look?
Any comments about this?
Like before, perhaps just add transition words, and adjust the content list to add the two launchers.
OK, the article has been edited. Is everything good info-wise?
It is an awful Set, so not much should be worked on here, hah.
Is this about ready then?
Yes, go ahead.