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I am proposing the idea of possibly having a tournament(or something of the like) in Pennsylvania in the near future. I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DO THIS ALONE. If you wish to help, send me a PM(PA bladers only, please), if you are in support of this idea, post a comment.
If there is somebody(in PA) who has any idea what they are actually doing for such an event, I will gladly let you lead.
Once again, this is an alert to PA bladers that there is a possibility of having a tournament in PA. THIS IS NOT A POSITIVE TOURNAMENT ANNOUNCEMENT, ONLY A SEARCH FOR PEOPLE WILLING TO HELP.
Grin Wish me luck Grin
This is the wrong place to post threads like this Smile The WBO General forum is the place to go for play.

Search the North America sub-category for a Pennsylvania thread. I assure you, there is at least one already there.

EDIT: lol Tech, you want me to banish you to the shadow realm?
I'm sure that there is a Pennyslvania thread in the WBO General forum, so use the Search function to find it.

EDIT: Dangit Sarah, go back into the shadows Tongue_out