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Double Blader Battle
Chaotic Fang
Georgia,Keysville Western
This doesn't belong here
You have to propose a tournament in the tournament proposal section. When approved, you can advertise it. Search for the Georgia threads and PM some local members to gather interest.

Read+understand the rules and tournament guide beforehand:

(Sep. 15, 2012  9:51 PM)beybladefoever Wrote: [ -> ]Good luck with your tuorney.

beybladefoever; why do you blindly spam? Saying "good luck with your tourney" is SPAM. You did not even bother to read what the thread was about and where it was posted. If you have nothing to say, don't post. Especially when you do not know that tournaments cannot be publicized without approval.

EDIT: pfffffftch Eee
Your thread doesn't belong here. Please read the WBO Event Guide and make an event proposal in the Event Proposals sub-forum.

EDIT: Derp you In- I mean, Angry.
Sorry Ill edit my post. I was thinking about something when I posted it