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Full Version: [BUYING] Dragoon GT Attack Ring
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Hey guys,
I've got a Dragoon GT bey, but I guess when I was a kid I broke the attack ring.
So, I'm looking to buy the individual part from one of you, if you have it available and are willing to sell.
PM me if you take an interest.
I'm offering $15+shipping
this is it's current pricing...

you may buy that if you have money though..hahaha.. is around 60-70 USD that most people might accept...and that is for MINT..
NIB would be usually around 80+

usually..not much people want to sell its AR only since it would be decreasing its value...
and dont is much more valuable than the one in your time..hahah

but..just try your luck..some people might have some for extra...
Pm sent