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Full Version: Any combinations for the Jade Wheel
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Hey guys i've just been wondering, since i got JJ (Jade Jupiter) last Sunday, i've been thinking what combo would best suit this outclassed wheel. So, the Sagittario II CW (CW=Clear Wheel)
is a four-sided wheel, and so is the Jade 4D MW (4D MW= 4D Metal Wheel), will Sagittario II synchronize its "Four-sided~ness" with Jade?
And about the deciding for its bottom, since Jade looked really cool and all, i was thinking either 230D, BGrin, TH170PD, or anything else you guys would recommend.

So, i hope someone will reply Grin

BTW i have a YouTube channel as well
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Seriously, i need more subscribers (T_T)
wrong place to discuss this matter...and FYI Jade is pretty useless....