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Full Version: The first ever Sigtemberfest (Whole month Tournament)
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Hello WBO Sig fans and welcome to Sigtemberfest! After my first Sig tournament i thought to myself "Hey MBX.2 what about a whole month tournament". And thus Sigtemberfest was born. So every year in September this wonderful tournament will spring out. Since it's the whole month i decided to change it up. There will be a poll that allow you to chose more then once. The Sig maker with the most votes wins. Who ever wins is the true Ultimate Sig Maker of the WBO!

*300x100 to 500x200
*The first Sig you send to me will be te one you enter, so one chance only.
*Nothing pver PG

From this day till Sep 11 you will send your Sigs to me. On Sep 12, 12:00am is when the Tournament starts. It will end on the 30th. So get to work on your sigs if you wanna be the number one Sig maker.
n a mod please delete this thread and not the other one. We're going to use the other one and not this one. Thank you.Stupid