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Full Version: BBG-27 Gladiator Bahamdia SP230GF
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Starter to be released on December 1st 2012.

(Nov. 16, 2012  3:29 AM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]So SP230 stands for Spike 230 and GF stands for Giga Flat, pronounced "guee gah".

[Image: track_sp230_img.jpg]

Apparently the claw-shaped spikes are supposed to control speed ...

[Image: bottom_gf_img.jpg]

Simply a much bigger XF ?

[Image: crystalwheel_gladiator.jpg]

It seems that TAKARA-TOMY is stupid and this Beyblade is spelt "Bahamdia" ? Sure, u's are not really pronounced in most Japanese dialects, but this is idiotic ...

(Nov. 14, 2012  5:30 AM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]Gladiator Bahamudia seems to have the parts SP230 and CF, but the image is too blurry, and it does not look like a CF ... It could be SP130. Because of that, I will wait before adding the parts to the topic title or on Beywiki.

The images included inside this link must remain on that blog. You may not under any circumstance copy, use, reproduce, etc. those pictures for your own purpose.

(Nov. 01, 2012  5:32 AM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]Cooler and clearer pictures of Gladiator Bahamudia, once again exclusive to the World Beyblade Organization.

[Image: GladiatorBahamudia_2.jpg]

As stated in the BBG-26 Samurai Pegasis topic, the latter and Gladiator Bahamudia are God elements now, not Darkness, even though Darkness will still be an element in Zero-G.

Picture and news exclusive to the World Beyblade Organization, as always!
[Image: gladiatorbahamudia1.jpg]

Bahamudia looks a lot like Gargole, which might indicate that this render is not final at all, but there are still a few differences that might indeed make it the actual design of Bahamudia.

(Sep. 14, 2012  3:06 AM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]Here is coincidentally another image for this Beyblade, which is intriguing :
That picture must remain on that website. You cannot copy or reproduce it elsewhere.

That Track looks so wrong for the metagame, hah.

This also confirms the render in the first post.

This is the only known and confirmed information.
So, I'm guessing it is a Bahamut?
Bahamudia? What is it anyway? O.o

Thanks for the updates Kai-V
(Sep. 05, 2012  4:56 PM)UltimateFantasy Wrote: [ -> ]So, I'm guessing it is a Bahamut?

Since Ds and Ts are related, that seems very likely.
Looks like an interesting wheel. Looks like I know what im getting for Christmas. hah
Yay! I'm going to Tokyo this winter!!!! Can't wait to get Bahamudia and Pegasis!!!
I knew eventually we'd get Bahamut. :3
I want this blade already! It looks awesome.
I wonder what the type the beyblade is and Thank you Kai-V for the info
Sweet, thank you for the update ...

How did you get that pic?
This. Looks. Awesome.
Bahamut themed dragon bey?
kewl. looks kinda like omega dragonois
Oh wow, it's definitely cool looking, but I bet if this were to be synchromed with Ifraid it would be SO imbalanced.

Thanks Kai-V!
The name is nasty I can barely pronounce it right lol

Pretty cool looking bey though nonetheless.
(Sep. 06, 2012  1:51 AM)Nuzumaki90 Wrote: [ -> ]The name is nasty I can barely pronounce it right lol

Pretty cool looking bey though nonetheless.

How is this "Nasty?"
EDIT: I herd u liek mudkipzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Bahamudia is very.... Moroccan? I dunno.
Where was this beyblade released?
(Sep. 06, 2012  4:56 AM)pocketpulls Wrote: [ -> ]Where was this beyblade released?

1. It has not been released, as stated in the OP, it's scheduled release is in December 2012.

2. As with any new Takara Tomy releases, it will be in Japan.
Bahamudia does look like gargoyle
(Sep. 06, 2012  8:43 PM)UltimiteOrion Wrote: [ -> ]Bahamudia does look like gargoyle

That picture isn't the final product, so we can't just conclude that they both look alike.
This bey sounds really cool. I can't wait till it comes out!
BahamamalohamahamahaWhat? I thought Begirados was a crazy name! Looks like Santa has a big list this year.
(Sep. 06, 2012  11:40 PM)Bazooka Wrote: [ -> ]BahamamalohamahamahaWhat? I thought Begirados was a crazy name! Looks like Santa has a big list this year.
Yes,yes he does

I can't wait! I have a feeling Gladiator Bahamudia is the beyblade shown in my avatar.
Yes, it may just be. Your avatar is either Gladiator Bahamudia, or Bandid Gamble.
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