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Full Version: beyblade trick's for beginners.
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this trick is for the beginners.This trick is very simple and easy.if this thread is successful i will add some more trick's. so my first one is the furious dragon.this trick should be done with mete- o ldrago or any attack type bey.

1)if you have a grip holder you can use it because it helps the bey to launch straight.

2) the bey's launching position should be at the epicenter of the stadium.

3)and then pull the beyblade's ripcord as hard as you can.then the bey will start spinning very fast and will continue to spin round till its stamina is over.
some times in this technique the bey can get inside the pit if you have a stadium like the lionlair stadium.this trick can only be done with a attack type beyblade.

if your opponent has a short height bey then you should use bey's like dark libra or aries because they are balance type and have a disk in their track that defends them from the attack of the opponent and if you use anyother bey it can damage it .(the opponent's bey)
you might want to make a working link. and a thread with a point.
You need to separate everything by a line!it looks too messy all in one paragraph.
This thread is not needed,
Please nobody reply, as a mod will close it soon.
I am closing this because it is generally common knowledge. Reading Beywiki will also help you a lot by giving you most of these hints.