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Full Version: how to set up a team
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i have set this up for my son who wants to set up a team and play in tournaments. can someone please tell me how you do it all. (i dont understand what hes on about) we live in stoke on trent and all he keeps saying is that he wants to set up his team to play in tournaments around

can someone please help

Jordans mum!
Well that's an awfully nice thing to do for your son.

On our FAQ you can read up on how tournaments are assembled, but I'll explain right here.

Tournaments are between individuals not teams. On our Index, on the left side will display upcoming events or tournaments.

You can set up a tournament, but it'll require a list of items such as legal stadiums, a playing format, and an amount of people.
In any case, if you are interested in starting a team, simply post in the Teams sub-forum.