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Full Version: Hell Aquario vs. Burn Aquario Stamina
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I took a little time in the Meteor Fire Beystadium with a regular ripcord launcher and pitted Hell Aquario and Burn Aquario in time trials. These are the results.

Hell Aquario BD145WD:

1st Trial: 2:49
2nd Trial: 2:08
3rd Trial: 1:44
Average: 2:14

Burn Aquario 90WD:

1st Trial: 3:01
2nd Trial: 2:07
3rd Trial: 2:15
Average: 2:28

Hell Aquario BD145CS

1st Trial: 2:13
2nd Trial: 2:39
3rd Trial: 2:19
Average: 2:24

Burn Aquario 90CS

1st Trial: 2:21
2nd Trial: 2:40
3rd Trial: 2:25
Average: 2:29

Burn Average: 2:29
Hell Average: 2:19

Are these valid tests? I'm kinda new here, so I don't know protocol that well. I just wanted to post my findings
These are not valid tests. This belongs in build me a combo #2.

This has been reported. No further posts are necessary.
i put the results in that forum?
No, you say, "Hey, is Hell Aquario and Burn__ good combos"?
Ah! Thanks very much!
(Sep. 04, 2012  2:35 AM)Dragoon_105RF Wrote: [ -> ]i put the results in that forum?

Thats where you ask for help. Both combos are relatively known and are both now outclassed. Take it to Build Me a Combo #2. Any further posts are considered spam and can get people warnings. Which are bad for everyone.