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Full Version: What to buy in MFB
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I'm not 100% sure that this belongs here/needs a thread. I made this since the other thread was not up to date. Critism appreciated! This article is roughly written and there might be some stuff that I didn't put

Flash Saggitario 230WD : Flash is currently the best attack wheel out, despite the fact that it can be countered by E230 defense combos and certain anti-attack combos. Saggitario II is a decent Clear Wheel for defense and stamina if better Clear Wheels like Aquario, Cancer or Cygnus aren't available. 230 is used in stamina combos and also defense combos if better alternatives aren't available. WD is a top-tier stamina bottom.

Diablo Nemesis X:D : While Nemesis and X:D aren't particularly useful, Diablo is one of the best anti-attack Metal Wheels. It is also used in weight-based defense combos, but the former is more common.

Death Quetzalcoatl 125RDF : Although Death is not competitively viable and 125 is not used much, RDF is good for pure-defense and defensive spin-stealers. Quetzalcoatl is also a decent Clear Wheel for Clear Wheel attacking.

Ultimate DX Set :
Beylauncher LR : The BeyLauncher is the most powerful launcher to date.
Metal Face Custom ver. : The Metal Face Custom ver. has 4 types of faces , MF-F, MF-H, MF-M and MF-L. While MF-L, MF-M and MF-F aren't used much, MF-H is commonly used on attack and defense combos.
DF105 : DF105 gives people the best results for 105 height in right spin.
LRF : A top-tier attack bottom.
Duo Uranus 230WD : Duo is used in defense, stamina and even balance combos, making it a very useful Metal Wheel. 230 and WD are also useful parts for stamina combos.
L Drago Guardian S130MB : L Drago Guardian is mainly used in defensive spin-stealing combos, mainly L Drago Guardian BD145RDF, but is also used in normal spin-stealing combos. S130 is commonly used on Flash as it doesn't get destabilized by lower opponents as easily as AD145 but still makes good contact. MB has found a home in the balance combo Duo _____ 230MB.
Wing Pegasis 90WF : Sadly, this Beyblade only has one useful part which is Wing. Wing's defense prowess is on par with Death, if not better.

Phantom Orion B:D : While B:D is not particularly good and Orion is only used with Flash, Phantom is a good Metal Wheel for stamina and some unconventional combos.

Storm Pegasis 105RF / Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F : Both Beyblades have top-tier bottom for attack. Multiples are needed as the bottoms wear out after extensive use. The former also includes a BeyLauncher, the most powerful launcher to date.

Hell Kerbecs BD145DS : Although Hell is an outclassed Metal Wheel for stamina and DS is useless, BD145 is one of the best tracks for defense. Kerbecs is also a good Clear Wheel for 3-sided Metal Wheels.

Samurai Ifraid W145CF : While most of the parts aren't useful, W145 is an excellent track for stamina and attack. CF is also used for attack in the Zero-G stadium.

Thief Phoenic E230GCF : When synchromed, Phoenic has pretty good attack powers. But the main reason to get this Beyblade is for E230, which is an excellent track of defense albeit having stamina that isn't particularly good. GCF is also decent for attack in the Zero-G stadium.

Dark Night Dragooon LW160BSF x2 : When synchromed, Dragooon has amazing defense and also spin-stealing abilities. It is also the heaviest synchrome wheel to date.

I might have made some mistakes and/or left some stuff out. If I did, let me know. Also, I'm not too sure whether or not I should add Beat Lynx TH170WD.

I will try to update the official topic in the upcoming days, but there is no reason a thread like this should remain open to be posted in.