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Full Version: [Silver Spring, MD] 09/23/12 - Autumn's Assault (Zero-G)
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Autumn's Assault

Hi everyone! This is the official thread for our September tournament being held in the Mid-Atlantic's favorite Beyblade venue, Martin Luther King Jr. Park - on Sunday, September 23 in Silver Spring, MD.

In addition to using the Zero-G Attack and Defense stadiums for this tournament, we will also be using the new Zero-G Balance stadiums! With 1, 2 or 3 pockets the Maryland Blading community continues to move the metagame forward with Zero-G! Will we find an attack combo that can be safely used? Only time will tell!

Location: Map of MLK Park The closest address to put in your GPS is 1098 Jackson Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20904, but be sure to look at the satellite view of the map above for the actual location of the tournament which will be inside the pavilion (just above the basketball courts)

Registration: 11:00am - Noon Seriously, show up on time please!
Start time: Noon-thirty
Format: TBD depending on number of bladers
Stadiums: BBG-04 Attack, BBG-11 Defense, and BBG-18 Balance (Alternating rounds)
Surface: Concrete with blankets and cardboard
Fees: Standard WBO fees ($5 entry fee or free with a Blader Passport)
MFB Prizes: Zero-G beys and gear (TBD)

Please post to this thread if you plan to make it.

  1. Arupaeo
  2. Burn Rock Virgo (is back in action!)
  3. Ginga Blader
  4. Katsuya
  5. Tech
  6. Clue
  7. *Billy*
  8. Stars
  9. beymaster15963
  10. geetster99
  11. (AJ)
  12. BladerforLife
  13. InTrance317
  14. Joseph317
  15. night wing 247
  16. lazyfisto227
  17. BeyDestroyer21
  18. twistedblader
  19. hydreigon
  20. xXJCherzXx
  21. PegasisGirl
  22. BeyRock
  23. Sonikkubey
  24. twistedblader
  25. hammerjack
  26. 8kimchi

  1. Trees will be changing colors
  2. legendblader01
  3. nightwingX
  4. RahulFencer
  5. Time
  6. OwnageBlader
  7. Zero X
  8. trevorjordan
  9. Black Wing
  10. ultimate bey
  11. Shirayuki

New Items for Sale
  • BBG-18 Balance stadiums
  • BBG-19 Zero-G Launcher
  • BBG-20 Synchrom Booster Bandid Goleim DF145BS
  • BBG-22 Starter Berserker Begirados SR200BWD

And I now have "PayPal Here" - so I can take credit cards onsite at the tournament.
Confirmed Baby! So glad I can come!
EDIT: First post for the win!
Edit 2: man, people must be jealous, us having twoZG tournaments already! XD
I can come
I'm coming maybe. 3rd.
I'll be there. Smile

Hopefully, I can get a few things, and step my game up!

Also, its nice to know BRV improved his behavior, so I'll see him there too!
You can put me down as confirmed.
I'm Coming maybe with a friend, can you put XtremeBlader as a maybe. I will bring my Zero-G attack stadium for Free Play Practice this time. So I'm confirmed.
Leggo im in yo
Il be there

please have reviser

To bad I mist the last one

(Aug. 27, 2012  3:39 AM)beymaster15963 Wrote: [ -> ]Il be there

please have reviser

I have Revizer!

(Aug. 27, 2012  3:45 AM)hydreigon Wrote: [ -> ]maybe

I'd love to see you man - it's been a long time since we've seen you down here!
Man, I am excited! Arupaeo, will we be doing MFB ever again?
Is it wrong that I dont even get excited with anticipation with tournaments anymore? I've been to more than dozen, and it pretty much feels like second nature haha.
I'm going.

(Aug. 27, 2012  9:55 PM)Ginga Blader Wrote: [ -> ]Man, I am excited! Arupaeo, will we be doing MFB ever again?

Yes, but not for quite a while and not very often when we do.

All of the new Beyblades and their parts were meant to be used in the new Zero-G stadiums. That's why TakaraTomy created the new series in the first place - its a brand new metagame with an evolution and life of its own. If we continued to hold most of our tournaments in the BB-10 stadium we would all be missing out on that evolution as most of the parts just don't make a difference in the BB-10, but they make a big difference in the Zero-G stadiums.

(Aug. 27, 2012  11:54 PM)Tech Wrote: [ -> ]Is it wrong that I dont even get excited with anticipation with tournaments anymore? I've been to more than dozen, and it pretty much feels like second nature haha.

That's just because you're an icy-cold veteran with a Gold Face about to land on your profile. Eee Personally, I find that the new Zero-G stadiums and metagame have made this much more exciting for me. Who knows what will happen! Smile
Aha, this tourney seems dead like The Solstice Scimitar was, lol.
Aw, don't let me down on my Birthday! I'm sure you guys can pull it together Tongue_out
Oh, I'll place for you, is that good? lol.
We already had more than 8 people so as long as more than 2 people don't cancel and I am pretty sure Arupaeo and BRV won't cancel and I sure won't so there isn;t much chance of this not working out lol we always have more than 20 people. I can't remember a time we didn't haha.
i can come
Anybody up for yu-gi-oh? and I will bring my trade binder too, sooo....
NO Argh!
count me in and ill bring my cards though i cant say im good at the game...
The smaller it is, the higher the advantage I have haha.

Anyways, Arupaeo, this tournament is 6 weeks after our last one. Why so far?
i may come most likely i will and i dont have a zero g bey but the strore will be open right if not i still may come Smile if i do ill be ready to destroy >Smile
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