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Full Version: i learned how the control my beys not using my mind
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ok so it taped a magnet on my facebolt then tucked the tape under the facebolt and then i tool a second magnet and there is a - and + side so i can lift the bey(while its spining in midair on the + or i can force the bey the cross the arena floor to knock the other bey now iv created cool moves like star blast attack bye taking the magnet lifting the bey and droping it on the other bey depleating its spin
Oh lordy. That is definitely illegal but for amusement, go ahead. You should post such things in the Beyblade Random thoughts instead though, don't make new threads.
that seems cool, but does this really need a thread?
is it easy to do i might try it
i know its very illegal cuz its for street battle with friends and it is easy to do i just started on this websight and this was the only way i knew how to post stuff its really cool tho
That is awesome
what if you are already strong enough to actually controll your beys with your mind, heart, and spirit?
Once a thread has been dealt with, and it is obvious that it will be closed soon, do not post in it. It is deemed as SPAM. Especially after someone has directed the person.
Yeah, this is illegal and does not belong in Beyblade Customisations ...