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Full Version: [Colorado, USA] Anyone near colorado wanna have a beybattle?
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I need someone to have a beybattle with me. It gets boring by myself. I only use metal system beyblades.
I live in CO
im near denver
what about you?
im planning on going to school in calorado next year, depending where you are, i'f i decide to go i would be living in canon city for about 2 months. not offical but i would like to see who lives in CO, to get a head start.
hey i live in denver colrado and i know some friends that might want to start a leage and other things. so hit me up if yous are intrested
I am in Colorado Springs probably one of the few Bladers in my Area
Im in denver Ill have a few battles! maybe over the summer?

Thanks Kai-v for sending me to this thread!Wink
I live in Aurora,CO.
well how about we set up a meeting place like the skate-park in downtown denver and try a few battles
we could set a date as soon as peolpe become more active.. pm me
Um im not sure if im too late or what but i live in colorado springs close to briargate
I am willing to do more than a battle i am going to set up a real tourney. I jujst need eight people. It will be in colorado spring First prize Zero G RB 2 second 4d RB 8 and 3rd beyblade legends bey

plz let me know

And it will be in like the next 3 months.
if any one is interested in participating in my beyblade tournament then please PM me or send me an email. i hope to hold it on the 30th of May or 27th of May because of some improtent matters to attend. but this should give you enough time to train and practice for the tourny. the tourment will possibly be held in denver colorado, i havent got the time when it will start yet but that will come soon enough.Stupid. so if your interested then go ahed and PM me or shoot me an Email. thxbeyblade tournement
Anyone still active in CO?
yo i'm doing a fundraiser to expand the area of blading interested join me at /wbo