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Full Version: Beyblade Anime in different languages?
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Does anybody here know where I can download/watch Bakuten Shoot Beyblade (very first anime series) in French, Italian and/or German?

I need it badly because I am writing a thesis on dubbing anime and I have Beyblade as one of my examples.
You can use Youtube.But i highly doubt you will find it but try and reply.
If that doesnt work then you have to buy DVDs cause nobody ever recorded/capped the episodes in french or german even Italian
There are Polish (My languge, yay Grin) episodes on YouTube from Beyblade Metal Masters (Sadly Metal Fusion never aired =( )

Although so far it's only the first 26 episodes keep repeating itself over and over.
Too bad but the reason it is randomly stoping at episode 18 is because they are correcting scripts and voice overs maybe.Not a guarantee.
Well can anyone please upload the French or Italian versions (found german)? I badly need them. Is there anyone here I can message about it? Unhappy
Pm the creator of that thread for Italian Versions
Thanks beybladetiggy!
Oh wait, they're MFB ;_;

All I need are the french versions now...
does anybody know where can i download or watch beyblade season 1 , 2,3 in hindi or english with dvdrip quality??
Giuria > The whole french version of MFB is on Youtube, but I don't know where you can upload it.
(Feb. 12, 2014  7:19 PM)Steelix Wrote: [ -> ]Giuria > The whole french version of MFB is on Youtube, but I don't know where you can upload it.

That post was from 2012 and he hasn't been on in years...
Oh yes, I didn't pay attention...

I saw that the last post dated from a few days, so I didn't look at the date of the other posts...