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Full Version: Beyblade story:Chaos Rising
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this is my first time making a story,i'll have a new chapter every 1-2 days.
One word bro, Capitalization
Sorry,I did it a little fast
(Jul. 27, 2012  9:43 PM)shadow blader0 Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry,I did it a little fast
Don't rush, quality>everything. Chapter is too short.
No offense bro,but it was to short.It had no particular story line.And it's unoriginal
Yeeeaaahhh...What everyone else just said, I agree with...
what's the story related to?the story is suppost to come together during it.also,the chapters get longer than the last.the prologue is just general info on the story
Chapter 1 is too short, lengthen your chapters bro
i'll update'll be longer
Put spaces after periods, always.