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Full Version: Beyblade in other Media
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Post here if you have found references to Beyblade in any other media. Movies, tv, anime, cartoons, etc.

A good friend of mine from a non-beyblade site found me this:

So if anyone finds anything, post here Smile
Kamen Rider Fourze's Meteor Storm. After his first appearance, blog posts were all about Beyblade + Fourze.
There was an Ed Edd and Eddy flash game which featured generic all-circle battling tops, they all looked exactly the same zero-detailed circles (not like the Beyblade flash game), little differences to the Beyblade "LET IT RIP" flash game other than visuals.
I do not have an image right now, but in the MMORPG, Maplestory, there is a weapon in the Cash Shop called the Dragon Disk. It is classified as a throwing star, to the be used by thieves, specificaly Bandits, and is IDENTICAL to a sprite rendering of a Dragoon S beyblade.