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Full Version: [Central Park, New York, New York, USA]The CDBB Part 2: The Epic ShowDown
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The City's Divine Bloody Battles Part 2: The Epic ShowDown

These shall be the second most Divine, Bloody Battles this city has ever seen!! AGAIN!! This will be the return of some old champions and of course some new, but in the end, we're champions (even newbies)! Any blader who thinks he/she has what it takes to participate and win the tournament shall be allowed to enter.

I'm going to try to have a side tourney at the end of the main tourney. It costs $3 to enter. If you enter you get a free entry into the bey raffle. This will be a single elimination side tourney. First and second places gets to choose between a Limited Edition Takara Tomy Fang Leone Black Version and a Grand Cetus. Pm

Only Takara Tomy, SonoKong, and Hasbro brand beyblades are allowed. Beyblades will be checked before hand. Any blader caught bringing in any other brand name beyblade besides the ones above, will be asked to switch with one that is llegal otherwise he/she will disqualified.

The stadiums being used for the tournament will be the Attack Type Stadium. From time to time, I may also have the new ZeroG Attack Type Stadium out as well.

I'm looking for experienced judges who had judged at an official WBO tournament. I'm also looking for two extra people to help co-host. Plus if you have an attack stadium please bring one. The help and stadiums will be greatly appreciated.

Extra Info

Date: August 4th, (Rain/Substitute Date: August 5th)

Location: Hecksher Park, New York, New York (It's between W62st and W63st inside of Central Park)

Sign-Ups/Practice: 12:00 - 1:15 (AFTER 1:25 YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO JOIN OR ENTER!)

Fees: The WBO Mandatory Fee is $5, but free when owning a Blader Passport. You may also buy a Blader Passport for $10 (All of these fees go back to the WBO). Side Tourney is $3, but it's an optional tourney to win a Limited Edition Fang Leone and a Grand Cetus.

Format: Depending on the amount of people, but most likely a Double Elimination

Surface: Fake Grass (Bring picnic blankets if wanted)

Time of Tournament: 1:25 (If we get at least 80% of participants before then WE WILL START BEFORE THEN! So try to be early)

Time of Team Tournament: Begins during Semi-Finals (small prizes will be awarded to the winners)

Free Play: Anytime

* 1st Place- Dark Knight Dragooon LW160BSF
* 2nd Place- Guardian Revisor 160SB
* 3rd Place- Pack of Stone Faces

Raffle: Raffle is $1 per ticket for a chance to get
* Pirates Killerken A230JSB (NEW)
* Phantom Orion BGrin (NEW, but not in box)
* 5 Random BeyParts

Here are some Deals on raffle tickets.

Buy 3 Get 1 Free
Buy 6 Get 3 Free
Buy 8 Get 4 Free
Buy 10 Get 6 Free

1 Winner shall be chosen randomly

Selling: I will try to sell beyblades. If I do, I will selling (brand new)

1x Flash Sagittario $21
2x Pack of Metal Faces (NOT STONE FACES) $11
2x Archer Gryph $22 (1 RESERVED)
3x Thief Phoenic $25 (1 RESERVED)
1x Pirates Killerken $25
2x (Recolor) Samurai Ifraid $21 (No Launcher)
1x Dark Knight Dragooon $24
1x (Recolor) ZeroG Light Launcher $14
1x Guardian Revisor $23 (1 RESERVED)
3x ZeroG Random Booster 2 $22
1x Pirates Orojya $21
2x String Launcher $15 (1 RESERVED)
2x Launcher Grip $17 (1 RESERVED)
(Used/New) Random Grab Bag $10 (2 random beyblades for $16)
Part(s) $2-6
(Be aware that items may change dramatically before then)

I will be taking Reserves for FREE!! Please be available after registration with your username and with the names of items that you have reserved. If you are not there in time then I will sell them off.

I will also be selling BB Bracelets for $14-$17. They are very cool bracelets that are better than the bendy bracelets. They are made with man-made diamonds like look as if they were real diamonds. Check them out on Youtube to learn more.

Prince of beys9
Blader Dan
Ethan H
shadow x 9365
Zero X
Gary Cole
ceasar 300
Is there any chance of a tournament August 25th or 26th? If thats a possability then We will be in the NYC area and would like to make it. Is this possable?
i'm coming!!!!
i'm coming!!!
i might come as well
Yea i might be coming also i am might to do the side team tournament
Put me on the list!!!! I MIGHT COME. i like the prizes to. Smile
OK. I will also try to sell stuff to so if you don't win you can just buy it! Smile
I might come too!!!!
Let's get some positive for sure answers
(Jul. 21, 2012  11:52 PM)TheDivineBladeR Wrote: [ -> ]Let's get some positive for sure answers

Now I am sure I can go!
I'm coming for sure
If its on August 12 i can make because from August 4-11 i will be on vacation.
im coming for sure
im also coming for sure
absolutely coming
Hey by the way I'm looking for people to join my new team Bloody Blazers. If your interested, PM me! Smile
I can definently come until the date is decided
I am coming!
I'll be coming too! Smile
StrikerX is coming too and this time I shall PWN!!!!!!!!!!!!
also are you sure it will be on august 5
I will see if I can come
Why not this Saturday
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