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Full Version: East Sussex - UK -
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For all those who live in East Sussex, doesn't matter where.

Then post below if you fancy getting together a torny/meet up/friendly battles anywhere in the future?

And perhaps this thread will attract more people in the East Sussex area...

Who knows...

All i know is if you live in the East Sussex area then please dont be shy to say so Smile

Many thanks and happy blading!
There are plenty of UK threads. Surely one of them is close to East Sussex...
(Jul. 20, 2012  7:18 PM)DefStamina88 Wrote: [ -> ]There are plenty of UK threads. Surely one of them is close to East Sussex...

Kent is close to East Sussex but with all or most "active" Kent Bladers based around London i thought it may of been a "good" idea just to see if there are any that live in East Sussex area.

One of the closest places to "East Sussex" in Kent is Tonbridge/Tunbridge Wells (where im from) however it seems to be completely dead here..

And well i just want to get some practice, test combo's with another person other than myself, as i haven't been able to before, that's all really.

Battling yourself is no fun, and ive been wanting to do a first meet up/torny for months but nothing "so far" seems to be on.

I dont know if its a dead period or not?

Did see a Regents Park this weekend is it? But no plastic's as i loaded myself up with Metal beys. (Before this weekends event just seemed ages since they last had one there)

Always loved Beyblade but didn't own any before as i knew anyone to battle with.

I just want to get out and meet the world more you know? One cant test there knowledge, tactic's and combo's against themselfs.