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Full Version: MF-H Flash Orion W145MF (Help me beat this)
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(Aug. 25, 2017  5:32 PM)CyberKerbeus GT Wrote: [ -> ]
(Jul. 02, 2017  11:13 AM)Blader┬áZX Wrote: [ -> ]If you use Diablo with BD145RF or MF with a Metal Face (optional) and launch it not in flower pattern, then it might be able to knock Flash W145MF out of the stadium. Or, try the direct defensive way, Zirago Dragoon BD145RDF or Kraken Genbu E230TB (TB is also good, but you can try MB, CS etc). These defensive types are too heavy to knock out.

Guys this is a 5 year old thread. Try not to bring it back anymore. Diablo has already been tested to beat the Flash combo. Flash isn't even used really in STD anymore.
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