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Full Version: [Germany/Thuringia] Anyone interested?
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Hey guys Smile

Maybe some of you know that I'm from Germany... I recognized that there's no organized play and I've never seen some tournaments hold anywhere :\
That's sad in my opinion, but I can't say what's the problem...

So I only want to ask if there's some interest in organizing a tournament somewhere in the (more or less) centre of Germany, in Thuringia.
I can't organize a tournament by myself, but I would be glad if there are some others to support the idea of holding a tournament in Germany and of course I'll do the best I can to organize it with you guys...
The 22nd of July is the Plastic Remembrance Day, but it's too close now, sadly...
But maybe we can find a date in later August, best from 20th up to the end of August.
That's the best time in my opinion 'cause of holidays etc.

The tournament should be an open tournament, so there should be battles of Plastics, HMS and MFB Beyblades.
For the tournament I can bring a BB-10 Attack Type Stadium with me, but we have to organize some other BB-10.


First: I need some people (in Thuringia) who are interested in organizing such a tournament with me.
So you can contact me via PM and we can talk about it.

Second: Of course I have to know if there's is some interest in participating, maybe you can write some sentences below, 'cause I don't know if there are enough people...

That's it...

Danke für eure Aufmerksamkeit Wink

Greez Smile
More or less: Bump!
Peace, it's me again Tongue_out_wink

One question: Is there really no interest in organizing a tournement in Germany? I'm aware of the fact that it won't be the biggest tournement ever organized in Beyblade history, but...
No one? Really no one from Germany a) in this community b) who likes to battle?

Greetings Stupid
Naja ich würd schon kommen, wenn ich Zeit hätte xD''
Nun, ich hab ja eigentlich nie Zeit und ich find das sau schei*e wenn ich das so sagen darf, aber im Sommer hohl ich mir aus meiner alten Wohnung meine vielen Beyblades ect. was beim Umzug (leider) alles da geblieben ist. Ich hätte schon interesse an nem Tunier in Deutschland, aber ja... Uncertain Sorry Pinching_eyes Bin in den Ferien außerdem auch gaaanz woanders x.x

LG Akira~
Ist aber doch immerhin schon mal ein Anfang Smile

Sollte es irgendwie zeitlich passen, können wir uns ja nochmal absprechen...
Vielleicht finden sich ja irgendwann sogar noch ein paar Leute dazu Tongue_out_wink

Liebe Grüße Joyful_2
kay :3

Ja, das wäre eine gute Idee, selbst wenn ich in den meisten Fällen die Kämpfe verliere (ich spreche aus Erfahrung) ^-^ Egal, Hauptsache, es macht spaß~
Jop, wär schon toll, nicht wahr? Grin Ich wette irgendwo gibt's bestimmt Interessenten. :3

*~LG Akira~*
Because we do not speak German and must however moderate these posts, I have to ask you to write only in English in this topic.
Hey, I would also appreciate a tournament in Germany! Sorry, but I'm not from Thuringia, but from Rhineland-Palatinate on the border with Baden-Wuerttemberg. But maybe we can find a good compromise.

I only have time from mid-August to late October (semester break).
I´ve got only plastics, so I prefer a tournament only for plastics. I would not really like to compete with my beloved plastics against metal beybldes.Joyful_2 One used to break in a fight against a HMS....

Does one have to be a member of the WBO to attend a tournament? My friend is perhaps interested, too, but is not registered. (Ok, that sounds just very BEGA-like Grin)
You do have to register, but we don't have an evil, power hungry, purple haired man controlling us. It's just so that all the beypoints could be processed.
Ok thanks. Grin I´ll tell him.
Ich weiß ich bin spät... (nur n bissl xD) aber ich hab noch nen Thread dazu gemacht... vielleicht finden sich noch mehr für noch ein Turnier, das wäre echt schön!
Schade, dass wir in Deutschland so wenige sind.