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Full Version: new to beyblade
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Hello!! i am new to beyblade and new to this site. i was wondering what blade should i get? i am only a beginner of this.
Welcome to the WBO you should check out the purchase consultation forum. And what type of beyblade are you looking for? And remember to read your first PM
i am looking for an attack type beyblade.
I would recommend getting meteo l-drago or mercury Anubis but if you can't find them bakushin susanow
alright think you, ill get one of them.
Lol... You've got to be kidding. Meteo and mercury are no way attack types. Meteo is used for spin stealing which isnt even that good anymore. Mercury is too light.Please do your research before posting. Vari Ares and Flash Saggiterio are quite good right now. However, you'll probably need to ship those from overseas.. So get a lightning l drago, hades Kerbecs and storm/galaxy pegasus. That way you can make a hades Kerbecs BD145 RF and a lightning l drago BD145 RF
WELCOME. Hope you enjoy your stay..