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Full Version: VANCOUVER BEYBATTLE: August 22 at 2 PM - Metropolis Comics and Toys
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Metropolis Comics and Toys
Saturday, August 22 @ 2 PM

102-4800 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC V5H 4J2

Vancouver BeyBattle is the first WBO tournament in Vancouver, BC, and the first gathering of the Vancouver BeyClub!

To enter this tournament, you will need to pay either a $5 registration fee or have a Blader Passport ($10), which can be purchased on-site. Format is Metal Fight Beyblade ONLY. If you don't have an MFB, you will be able to purchase one.

Prizes TBD. I don't know if their will be prizes yet, or if the winner will be entered into an upcoming WBO contest for event winners. People on eBay are ignoring my messages, sadly Unhappy Hopefully I can get something, though.

More details will be posted as they come in!

This should be fun Smile
I'm in!

Don't have classes that time too!
Totally in, will need to purchase a Blader Passport.
Sweet deal, bring as much as you can I have a few people interested in buying stuff, most of my friends probably will and heck, even I will, I like having a pile of parts :3

Depending on when I get stuff in I may or may not have something special to toss into the prize pool myself.

Hey Brad, do you want to post up something on the Anime Evolution forums or should I?
You can go ahead and do it Grin
Good luck with this Brad! Grin

(if only I was visiting Vancouver this summer rather than last year!)
I'll be there, for obvious reasons.
Woo, another Vancouver tourney!!! Grin We'll probably base the next UK tourney around this date so we dont have tournaments coming all over the place.
Hopefully I'll be able to drum up more hype and get a nice fat turn out, there's been a thread made for this on the Anime Evolution 2010 forums Smile
frankly i'll be happy if we get the minimum

i sent an e-mail about it to people who gave me their e-mail at AE and got no responses Unhappy
Boo, well, I've got three for sure including myself showing. I don't think a minimum will be difficult, but if there's a chance I'd like to double it :3
anyone riding the 49 lol? me and my buddies might go Grin First tourney!
(Jul. 15, 2009  6:34 AM)Takamura Wrote: [ -> ]anyone riding the 49 lol? me and my buddies might go Grin First tourney!

You better come!

I bought a bunch of Stamina and Defense reshuffles and will probably sell stuff from them at the event.
I just want to throw in that I'm finally here on the forums, and that I've got my passport purchased and I'm placing my order for Beyblade parts tonight. I'll be ready for the 22nd for sure!!
Yeahhhh Cool

I should have stuff from the S&D Reshuffle and RBV3 at this thing, so there should be no shortage.
Good luck.
Wish i was comin to this one also!
All of you guys nearby need to go to this.

Brad throws absolutely amazing events and this will be no different.
Hmmm, Maybe I'll ask my dad if we can have a little road trip. Maybe not cuz it might be to soon of another tourney.
Got two other friends joining up, so it'll be fun to see what happens.
Wow, good luck guys. Smile Everyone better turn up to this!
It looks like we're going to get more people than I thought. Woo!
I wish I Can come.My Little Sappheonix (nickname for storm pegasis,Sapphire and pheonix,sappheonix) needs to be broken in...without any breaking.

Well good luck guys...*mumbles to self* maybe sagittario can be a good punching bag
Just a note, I will be competing in this tournament. I don't complete in the larger tournaments, but I hope nobody has a problem with me entering this. I'm a Blader as well and want to play competitively as one! If I win any prizes they'll go back into the WBO's stockpile. Smile
I was expecting you to compete in this one.

Hurr hurr, there's no meaning to my dominating if you're not amongst the defeated!

~Confidence is important right? Wink~
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