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Full Version: Melbourne tourney/meetup?
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Ok, so I have been really wanting to have a meetup and/or tournament in Melbourne. I'm not sure what parts of Melbourne we all are in, so I just wanted to put it forward. I don't know if I can organize one myself, but if I can't I'll definitely be there to help all the way. Smile
DAMN STRAIGHT! There should be one!
yea sure im in, i live in shepparton but thats only 2 hours away on the train.
ok look everyone from melbourne or victoria we really need to have a beyblade get together some time. we need to set a date and find some one to host comp. i am up to help but i need every one to pitch in as well.
Well I'm pretty close to Doncaster.

I think I have a list of Melbournian members on the Aussie members thread..

Add Gaia_Dragoon!
That makes 11. o_o

We don't have anyone to organize it though... D:
Why can't you?
yeah why can't youWut!?
I would..but I live in Sydney(darn)
I never said I couldn't. But I probably won't be able to.

I seriously suck at organizing things like this. Unhappy

I could definitely co-organinze, but running something like this on my own would be out of the question for me.

I'm sorry... Crying
i'd be intrested in a tourney and i'd help organise is, NOT organise it but i would help to organise something preferably with someone who knows what to do, i can help with some of the doing parts
LOL, nobody wants to actually do the work involved. Figures.
Well its Called BeyStorm have a look around for it. I think this topic should be closed