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Full Version: Einstein MS
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| image =
| full item name = Einstein MS
| item number = MA-09
| beyblade system = [[HMS]]
| beyblade type = [[Endurance]]


==Name Changes==
Einstein MS was released by Hasbro as Hopper Attacker.

== Bit Protector (BP): Heavy Metal Emblem ==
The Bit Protector of this Beyblade is Heavy Metal Emblem. It is the first mould verson of Bit Protectors.

== Attack Ring (AR): Metal Spring ==

* '''Weight:''' 16 grams
Metal Spring is a triangular shaped AR. It's ABS capsule is in the center with the metal around the edge, which means that the metal is the part in contact with the opposing beyblade most of the time. The edges of this beyblade are jagged, though they don't extend far. Their are also three "heads" that allow for some smash attack, though it also results in some recoil. This AR is also very small, and although it isn't very heavy, it can work well in compact customizations, especially more aggressive ones.

=== Use in [[Smash Attack]] Customization ===
Metal Spring has many small extensions that allow for smash attack and although it can have some recoil, a rubber flat tip can help reduce it. Here is an example:

* '''AR:''' Metal Spring
* '''WD:''' Circle Wide
* '''RC:''' Grip Flat Core ([[Dragoon MS]])

=== Use in [[Compact]] Customization ===
Metal Spring is also small, which allows it too be used in compact customizations, and although it is very outclassed by Metal Ape ([[Magical Ape MS]]), it can be viable in more aggressive compact customizations, where Metal Ape doesn't perform as well.

* '''AR:''' Metal Spring
* '''WD:''' Circle Heavy
* '''RC:''' Metal Change Core ([[Death Gargoyle MS]])

== Weight Disk (WD): Circle Heavy ==

See [[Circle Heavy]].

== Running Core (RC): Spring Core ==

* '''Weight:''' 3 grams

This RC is very tall and has a spring inside that lets the tip bounce on the launch. Its tip is a plastic sharp. This means the beyblade using Spring Core will be very vulnerable to attack as well as have very poor balance. So, this RC has no competitive use, but can be fun to use just for the gimmick.

== Other Versions ==
Einstein MS - HMS Fukobako Lucky Box 2004 Booster (Light Blue)
Einstein MS - Random Booster Act 2 (Fuschia)
Einstein MS - Tournament Limited (Dark Green)
Einstein MS - Coro coro Limited (Gold)


== Overall ==
Einstein MS isn't needed for any bladers collection, but Metal Spring has some uses, especially when there is no access to Magical Ape MS.


So, my mind went blank when trying to write up the Overall section. Can someone help me out? Also, I'm not sure what to do with it's hasbro name. If someone can add pictures when it is up and tell me of any other versions, it would be greatly appreciated as well. Smile
Anyone have anything to add/fix or can I post this up?
I've been busy for the past couple days, I'll read over this later tomorrow (well, actually today).
Ok, thanks. I just fixed the name change thing, too.
Article looks good, but I think you should mention Jiraiya Blade when talking about its uses in "aggressive" Compact customizations. Jiraiya Blade is 6 grams heavier, and is probably a lot more aggressive than Metal Spring.

There is also a few formatting errors, but I can fix those when the article is posted. If you want, just post it the way it is now, and I'll work in some stuff about Jiraiya Blade.
I was going to do all the formatting when I actually put it up, since I have to look up how to do them again. lol
But, yeah, I have no experience with Jiraiya, so I'll have to take you up on that offer. Thanks. I will get this up later tonight.
Aside from the "original" green version, there was also a blue version released
What did it come in? I think there were a few recolors (purple?) but I have no clue what they came in. (which random boosters, I mean)
Here are the other versions for Einstein MS:

Einstein MS - HMS Fukobako Lucky Box 2004 Booster (Light Blue)
Einstein MS - Random Booster Act 2 (Fuschia)
Einstein MS - Tournament Limited (Dark Green)
Einstein MS - Coro coro Limited (Gold)
Thanks Aqua, I edited. Your always so good at finding the releases.
It's up. I guess I'll put up Advance Guardian's article while I'm at it.
Fixed all formatting errors and added mention of Jiraiya Blade.
Thanks you.