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Full Version: [Grand Rapids, MI, 7/14/12] Battle of the Millenium: Summer Scorcher
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Michigan's Mid Summer Throwdown
Battle of the Millennium: Summer Scorcher

Please Read and be familiar with WBO Standard Rules
Zero-G beyblades are now legal!

Millenium Park Picnic Shelter A Map to Millenium Park Directions

Saturday July 14
Registration 4:00-4:30pm
Tournament starts at 5:00pm


8-11 bladers will be full Round Robin with 3 blader championship round.
12-24 bladers will be block round robin.
12-18 top 2 from the 3 blocks will battle for the championship.
19-24 only the winner of each of the 4 blocks will move on to the championship round.

24+ bladers will result in a Double Elimination tournament!

Standard WBO fees $5 for entry, $10 for passport.
If you're getting a blader passport please get it before the tournament if possible.

Prizes: Choice of
Samurai Ifraid Starter Set
(Sonokong) Big Bang Pegasis FGrin,
(Sonokong) L-Drago Destroy FConfused

  1. PANAsher
  2. Coach
  3. DaWRETCHED-one
  4. Phantom W
  5. AMARvelous
  6. CYRuckus
  7. MBM...Ninja
  8. MBM...Hades
  9. MBM...Kerbecs
  10. MBM_Noobz
  11. MBM...DoMo
  12. Libraten
  13. Diablo Nemisis
  14. ThunderEagle7
  15. ThunderEagle7's Mom
  16. StormPegasus645
  17. Dragoon HFG
  18. BeybladeSunny
  19. Joniblade
  20. ldragoten
  21. EarthAquario#1
  22. firestriker8
  23. laserta9


Blader DJ: Madoka's Spirit will be running the brackets and maybe the camera as well. We've definitely found the best way since Grand Beydays with our meetups with Team MBM.

If you plan on coming PLEASE COMMENT so I can put you down. It helps BIG TIME!
And even more important if you're not a member yet, become one you need to be one to compete anyways. Each member needs their own email address associated with them. That has been problematic in the past so please take care of this before hand. THANK YOU!
Man so pumped
and i will buy i more lr launcher (nothing happened to the two u gave me i just gave one to thatbeybladekid so he could have a launcher ) and if u can could u get a sythe kronos i need one only if u can
Not sure what I'll be selling at this tournament. One of my sources is really sparse and a few others take quite a while to ship... I'll have some stuff though
Found some Beylauncher LRs hope they get here in time.
for the tourney, do you need a passport??
u dont need one but if u get one you get free enterance to all tournaments for a year if u dont get the passport you have to pay 5 bucks
Thanks Yuko, yes its either $10 for a passport which gets you in any tournament for a full year or $5 for an event entry fee
are there going to be passports for sale there??
Well there not for sale but u can get one
(Jun. 30, 2012  10:47 PM)kaihiwatari5673 Wrote: [ -> ]are there going to be passports for sale there??
HAA all it is is a registration thing from the WBO, once you pay it you're registered with the WBO for having one. you'll get the Blue and Orange Facebolt underneath your name eventually as visual evidence. If you have paypal I'd suggest just getting one now it's the 3rd from the right in the menu under the WBO banner on top of this page....
thank you and no, i don't have paypal.
Well that's no problem then you can just pay at an event and the host will take care of it for you. We have to paypal all the entry fees and passport fees to the WBO and also register any new bladers that are not members yet so there is no worries there.
thank you and do i need to pay in cash??
Yes at the event cash is the way to go please.
I might go.
might go but still a noob. Unhappy
Its all the way in Grand Rapids awww well ima try to convince my mom to take me so i might go
Can u pay 5 dollars or the 10 dollars for a passport?? Or all together?? I mean do I pay 5 dollars for the entrance fee instead or 10 dollars for the entrance fee and a blader passport?? I'm gonna make this simple, instead of paying 10 dollars I can just pay 5 dollars instead and instead of paying 5 dollars I can pay 10 dollars??
Lol, YES it's EITHER a $5 entry fee OR $10 for the passport which gets you into any tournament for a year.
i might be able to come. and if i can come do you have any beyblades
Good to know you're still out there Libraten! Not really sure how much of what I'll have.
i live in lansing so its a big drive
Oh I understand that. My son and I just did our last tournament on the east side of the state for quite a while. I set our cut off at Lansing now. But we're also cutting down on tournaments all together. But you've been quiet in the threads too so just wasn't sure if you were still into beyblades.
Yea coach here is a great supporter of long distance. Driving. We auta host him a tournamet
what kind of prizes are you gonna have coach
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