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Full Version: [MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA] Winter's Prime II - 1/7/12
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Winter's Prime II
July 1 marks the middle of Winter, and on July 1 2009 Omega and Novae Rog's first return to Beyblade since the early 2000's.

The WBO charges an entry fee of $5 USD to any participant who does not have a Blader Passport. The fee is $5 USD regardless of region, since we live in Australia AUD is accepted (Australian Dollar.) Players who cannot pay this fee cannot enter WBO events UNLESS the player has a blader's passport.
The WBO is a nonprofit organization, and all money collected goes to things for the community; prizes, rewards, site maintenance, etc.

Blader Passport's
If you would like a blader's passport and for any reason cannot purchase one online, you can purchase one at the tournament for $10.00 USD or AUD. A blader's passport lasts for 365 days and allows free access to every tournament within that time frame.

Date and time: July 1 2012. Please be there between 12:30 PM and 1:20 PM; the tournament will start at 1:30 PM NO LATER. Should end at roughly 2:30 - 3:00 PM.

Venue: Queen Victoria Gardens, Flinders Street.

Venue Map:
Expected Turnout: Open (No limit).

Format: Format depends on the outcome. Anymore then 32 will be Double Elimination.

Attendance List:
Novae Rog
Sam the Beast




Possible Judges:
ill go, as always. lucky this doesn't affect my vanguard regional tournament.

ps: rayquazonX also going and isn't this a little late notice?
I will be attending Grin
I'll be there =] haven't seen some of you guys in a while.
I'm in.
coming Smile
Definitely In Grin Whats the prize? Last time I was sorely disappointed...
Prizes are to be announced.
I'll be there
Good luck on the tournament.
i might come
I can come Smile
And just letting everyone know I will be selling a lot of my blades, launchers etc. before and after the tournament for cheap prices! Makes sure to come by and see what I've got to sell.
Got a Birthday to go to so... sorry beyblade
I am attending
i will be there serving pasta with sdfg for indian man

This will be the first Melbourne tournament that I wont be able to attend, as I will be in Tasmania. Good luck guys!
I have a martial arts grading on, I can't come. Maybe next time.
(Jun. 26, 2012  12:35 PM)Chaos Blader Wrote: [ -> ]This will be the first Melbourne tournament that I wont be able to attend, as I will be in Tasmania. Good luck guys!

get out

I kid haha, that's actually pretty sad D: It won't be the same without you. I hope you have a good trip though Joyful_3
hey put me on the maybes Grin time to test my beys i got last year
Will be selling a lot of parts and accessories; MFB, Plastics and HMS.
will you be selling the new ones?
asdfghjkl;' cant come Unhappy
i am coming and this time i will win not come 2nd
i am coming and i will make sure that i wont come 4th
i hope people have practiced, it was too easy last time cause no one practiced. if no one has, im sure too get to the finals again.

ps: if anyone is selling metal faces and bey-launchers for under $5 pm me.
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