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Full Version: [Sheffield/Yorkshire, UK] Sheffield/Yorkshire/more meetup
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I've noticed a lot of topics in introductions etc. where people say they're in the general area, but only 2 of us are on the map. So:

A. I'd like to put together a meetup, not a tournament, of some enthusiastic bladers just to see if anyone would like to meetup regularly after that.

B. I'd liek to encourage more people from the area to add themselves to the map, found here:

I'd appreciate it if you put down your names and thoughts, I know the chances are slim that anyone would be interested, but it's worth a shot.
Gotta ask, is this Sheffield and Yorkshire in the UK or in the US? At first I assumed UK but I'm sure you commented saying you wanted to go to a tourney in NY.....and then I got confused...and yeah....
Uk, the post in the NY section just told him that he could find people on the WBO map, because he was looking for bladers in general isntead of a tourney
I was actually thinking of a different post but nevermind, I just got you mixed up with another user I think. Pinching_eyes_2
Either way, it seems that there is no one in my area. What a letdown. Doomed not to blade.