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Full Version: Buying
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Hey Beybladers! I am interested to buy from anyone who wants to sell beyblades. Since I'm new to WBO, I NEED at least one beyblade. Anyone who is trying to work up a bargain, contact me. (You can email too)
Could you name some beys that you would like to have?
I dont want to sound dumb here, but I am not very familiar with any beyblade names.
Aquario 105F
Basalt Horogium 145WD
Beat Lynx TH170WD
Blitz Unicorno 100RSF
Bull 125SF
Burn Phoenix 135MS
Capricorne 100HF
Clay Aries ED145B
Counter Leone D125B
Cyber Pegasis 100HF
Dark Bull H145SD
Dark Cancer CH120SF
Dark Wolf DF145FS
Death Quetzalcoatl 125RDF
Diablo Nemesis XGrin
Duo Uranus 230WD
Earth Aquila 145WD
Earth Virgo GB145BS
Escolpio WD145B
Flame Byxis 230WD
Flame Libra T125ES
Flame Sagittario C145S
Flash Sagittario 230WD
Fusion Hades AD145SWD
Galaxy Pegasis W105R²F
Gemios DF145FS
Grand Ketos T125/WD145RS
Guardian Revizer 160SB
Hell Kerbecs BD145DS
Hyper Aquario 105F
Infinity Libra GB145S
Killer Gemios DF145FS
Kreis Cygnus 145WD
L Drago 105F
L Drago Guardian S130MB
Leone 145D
Libra DF145BS
Lightning L Drago 100HF
Pegasis 105F
Pirates Orojya 145D
Pisces D125BS
Poison Serpent SW145SD
Quetzalcoatl 90WF
Ray Gil 100RSF
Ray Unicorno D125CS
Rock Leone 145WB
Sagittario 145S
Samurai Ifraid W145CF
Shinobi Saramanda SW145SD
Storm Capricorne M145Q
Storm Pegasis 105RF
Thermal Lacerta WA130HF
Thermal Pisces T125ES
Thief Phoenic E230GCF
VariAres DGrin
Virgo DF145BS
Vulcan Horuseus 145D
Wind Aquario 100HF/S
Wing Pegasis 90WF
Wolf D125B
im selling wing pegasus 100WF gently used
Do you have pictures? Can you read my newest thread Buy From Beycrafter01? Maybe even tell others about it:??
I dont know how to take pictures and post them but im selling based upon how much they want it for
Oh. Well if you want to know how, PM me right now.
A Buying topic belongs in the Buying forum ... That should have been obvious.