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Full Version: Beyblade: Spirit Tournament
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One day I was walking down the street. I saw a add for a huge beyblade tournament. I knew I MUST sign up for the tournament. I went to the tournament sign up. My bey is Flame Saggitario. Today, is the qualifiers match. "3 2 1! Let it..... rip!" Blader DJ said. "Go Saggitario!" I called out.

Thats the prologue! In this story I don't accept character requests, sorry!
I like your username XD Offtopic, sorry. You might want to make it longer, plus the prologue's abit confusing. You might also want to change the bey to a customised one? Just a suggetion. But so far, it's quite good, as WBO storys go... XD
I'm still thinking if I should continue it or not, and the reason why there isn't custom beys is because its based off me and my old friends beys, and back then we were newbs and didn't customize.