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Full Version: Fake beyblades with takara grips :S
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a few months back i brought a TT holigi beyblade (i know theyre fake just all i could buy as they werent selling real beyblades in shops) and it came with one of those grip launchers and on the bottom it clearly has takara on the bottom side of the grip just curious if anyone eles has every had or seen that before O_O
Take picture, then we can verify if it is real..
will put up a photo as soon as i can find my camera (Y)
shouldn't this be in the Bey Marketplace?
No.He is asking if something is real or not.
yeah ill put the photo up soon
took some photos of it they low qulity not very good with the camera lol
you can kinda see it umm how do you upload photos on here?im new to this
Use an image handler like photobucket, upload to it, copy the link over to here.

Or, you can add it as an attachment.
ohk done
sorry about the low quality you can kinda see theres writening near one of the screws which is where it says takara with the copyright logo
King of useless when we can't see what it says ...

Do you have a picture of the box it came in?
ill try and get a better photo its hard when the writing so small T_T
it came in a box which looked like except it had tt holigi on the bottem right corner i dont have the box anymore so i cant take a photo of it for you
I'm not sure why the box far as I know, it's not uncommon to get real products from counterfiet boxes, it just doesn't happen the other way around. Like with Pokémon cards, you could often find real cards in fake packs, you just never found fake cards in real packs, obviously. The only problem we have here is whether the grip actually is real or not, but we can only tell you that if you can provide us with bigger, clearer pictures. :X
I can't remember EZ grip being that colour though.. was it ever in that colour?
Its a customize grip, which was made in that blue.
I think it has been.

Upload a clear picture and turn the macro on.
(Jul. 06, 2009  6:22 PM)Rocky Wrote: [ -> ]I'm not sure why the box matters..

Because it's possible he's misreading the box and it is counterfeit. There's no way a real item would be packaged with a counterfeit item.
It depends. Did the grip come INSIDE the box, or alongside it?
^^ Why? It happens with other hobbies. :\
(Jul. 07, 2009  12:13 AM)Rocky Wrote: [ -> ]^^ Why? It happens with other hobbies. :\

Such as? Why would a company that makes profits by ripping off another company's product buy products from the company they're ripping off and then sell them?
I don't know why they'd do it. I just remember it happened, definitely with Pokemon cards. It was even in a book I read....^^;

I guess they have to buy some official stuff to make copies of....maybe they get mixed up sometimes....maybe it's just for better karma, I don't know. :\
I'm not buying it ...
it came inside the box it serious says takara on the the bottom and has TT on the top its the weirdest thing ill try and get a better photo and you will see heres a better photo
I remember having that EXACT grip a few years ago. I'm completly sure it looked like that.Sorry that i don't know where i got it from though cause it was like 4 or 5 years ago and i don't have it any more.
The grip is fake. Takara's copyright isn't printed like that.
yeah i asumed it was fake i was just wounder if anyone knew why the carp they would put takara on it Chocked_2
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