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Well, I am not sure if whether or not a topic about paypal scamming has been created or not so I will just make one.
Recently I have created a paypal account to be able to buy items from the internet. Everything was fine at 1st until I have begun (Began? begin?) sending payments to ebay sellers and other people.
My 1st problem with paypal was when i tried to contact paypal for some personal information I needed, I just couldnt find the phone number on the paypal website after searching for half an hour, I thought I was stupid and not looking hard enough but as I went looking for the paypal customer service number on google, I discovered that a lot of other people also had trouble finding the paypal number. After dialing the number, I had to wait 30 minutes (which wasnt as bad as i thought it would be). Luckily, i have been well served by a kind lady and my problem got fixed.
2nd problem with paypal was when i sent payments, the amount written in my paypal account was NOT the same than the one in my bank account. For example, when i sent a 50$ deposit to my moj account, paypal said 50$ was sent but my bank said 100$ was sent!!! So where is the other 50$?!?!?!?!?!? I called paypal, once again, couldnt be served in french, and they said 50$ was sent and it was my banks mistake. I called the bank and they said 100$ was sent and that they had proof. So the only thing I could do was contest that 100$ and get it back. Now i have to call Paypal. AGAIN. and tell them that i have contested the 100$ and that i have to send paypal 50$ because moj has already received the money.

Be4 getting a paypal account, i have never called my bank customer service, and now that i have a paypal account, i have called my bank about 10 times. And I have only been registered to paypal for one month and am getting tired of it.
**I know that my story isnt the worst that has happened, so thats why maybe u guys can share a lil bit of ur similar stories... im sure at least another one of us have had some sort of trouble with paypal or ebay or other websites! Im just curious:T
''PayPal makes money off your PayPal problems''

ps: Sry if the text wasnt really well written... english isnt my 1st language T_T
I've never had any problems with Paypal, and it sounds like there's something incompatible between Paypal and your bank ...
Which is why i had registered several bank accounts on paypal...
now dnt tell me the 2 others banks also have some sort of incompatibility with paypal. The 3 banks said that there was a lot of other people having the exact same case than me.
And there are millions using Paypal without any issues ...
Haha beybrad, Im glad u have never had some sort of trouble with paypal. But im sure one day when ull have one ull be as angry as i am -at the moment-.
At least all the problems i had until now were fixable. Few of my friends have had some similar problems. Oh well...
Sorry, I'm not trying to imply that your problems are illegitimate (they aren't) or that Paypal doesn't suck (it does). All I'm saying is that there's likely some logical reason behind such consistent mistakes. Paypal is just sort of a necessary evil.
There must be some logical reason, yes ur right. such as... paypal trying to take money off mistakes like mine so they can make a profit?
anyways... i guess im only 16 and that i dont have all the knowledge to know how those kind of systems exactly work. Anyways all i can say 4 now is paypal sucks=) and that I need to be extra careful for not getting scammed:T , since it looks so easy.
I've also had a number of problems with getting a bank account attached to a Paypal account. I just gave up and started sharing with Brad. ;p
Lucky u... i wish i was beybrad'S girlfriend now haha=)
well im calling them atm...
i guess i get lucky all the time because everytime i call it is always a nice lady that answers me and that acts very polite and kind haha.
(Jul. 03, 2009  3:21 AM)Beynval Wrote: [ -> ]Lucky u... i wish i was beybrad'S girlfriend now haha=)

doesn't everyone Grin
the most "trouble" i've had with paypal is having a payment to an ebay user take a week to clear
Wink haha
ughhhhh have called them they have transfered them to someone else but he wasnt able to help me. He said i have to send them some documents with further explanation and proof and all that kind of stuff.
You legally have to be eighteen to have a Paypal account, so this could be trouble for you ...
I know... which is why im freaking out atm...
beybrad i had to send u the money for that DRAGOON MSUVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV i was DYING FOR.
and u only accept paypal... so... =)
im sure lots of other underaged people have a paypal account.