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Full Version: Dark Effigy/Death Gargoyle MS
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If anyone has Dark Effigy/Death Gargoyle MS, please let me know. My attack ring just broke today, and I've been going crazy searching for a new one. If I could buy just the attack ring from you, that'd just be great, and if I could buy multiples of it, then that'd be even better. Please someone sell it to me. It would be very appreciated!
Also I'm looking for a Dranzer S. My brother's Dranzer S has a messed up base, so he needs another one. The metal tip for endurance mode has worn down so much that he's basically on attack mode. If anyone has this specific part or the whole beyblade and they're willing to sell it, please let me know. I realize that Dranzer S is already on eBay, but I feel that he's only worth $10 max
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