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Full Version: [Pune,India]The Bey Empire 2: Take it to the Max(26/5/12)
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Since most Pune bladers are unwilling to pay any entry whatsoever, its after one year that Pune is finally getting another Beyblade event(because the entry fee is waived).

Name: The Bey Empire 2: Take it to the max

Date and Time: 26th May. The event will start at around 10 a.m. And it will be winded up by 2 p.m.

Venue: Empire Estate, Chinchwad, Pune. The event will be at my home because the parks here dont have enough shade. Moreover, there are many disturbances around here so, my house will be enough to accomodate everyone and to play.

Format: Round Robin format(MFB event)

Prizes: I'll probably get a Gravity Destroyer and the top 3 can choose from its parts(remember, almost all of Gravity's parts are top-tier)

Confirmed participants:

thats great!!put me on unconfirm list...i might come there!!Wink
Yes please forward my name to the confirmed eagerly awaiting... Smile
Great for you guys...! Approved in a day..
well has this tourney been wavered the entry fees of $5?
(May. 24, 2012  5:21 AM)sridbeyz17 Wrote: [ -> ]well has this tourney been wavered the entry fees of $5?

but you can buy a passport also... as Kai-V said
Yes. The entry fee has been waived. However, as ashton said, you can buy the passport here, or during the Mumbai tournament
cool! -great second tournament i wish i could attend this.All the best to everyone
Awesome this is the fourth one in India for beydays.
Way to go!!!
Amazing, man!
This is the fourth Approved Event in India, and considering the number of tourneys we have in each event, the tally goes past seven, if I am not missing something. Tongue_out

All the best, for your tourney N0body. Smile
well tomorrow is the event finally...hope there are no last minute changes in schedule, excited...the first wbo tourney...hah...can't wait... Smile
Best of luck to Everyone hope so you do well Nightmare sridbeyz17.
Good luck everyone...! I need to gather data on sridbeyz's & sam's strategies, so post the winning combos and the video footage as soon as the tourney is ended. Smile
Great.another indian tournament.
I'm really eager to see the results and winning combos!!!
OK. Now for results:

1st Place (Click to View)
2nd Place (Click to View)
3rd Place (Click to View)
Cool Congratulations to the top 3,sridbeyz17 Proud of you.
Ohhh....i totally forgot there was a tournament in India today.
Congrats to

Anyway the prize is a single Bey, Gravity DestroyerAD145WD?
i also attended the was fun to see some unusual combos...the funny thing is i lost to some unusual combos like Flast_____EWD and Death aquario 105WD XD
No go for me... Sorry.
Awesome and congrats NObody on your victory.
Congrats guyz....!
Whoa! Its nice to see you try Attack again, Sam!
Oh no! An Earth Eagle has placed..... Again! Congrats guys!
Also, I am extremely happy to see Hell place third. Cute
More importantly, it was on DS, which is your favorite tip Wink. But yes, he did do very well with Hell against Basalt 230 CS and also Death 105 WD. Some participants called Basalt 230 CS as Flash and the real Flash was thought to be some awesome stamina wheel. In case you are wondering, except nik1392 and sridbeyz17, almost all used my parts for the majority of the battles in the tourney.
haha...yes it was as if we were battling out against Sam's combo's every time we battled...there were some amazing bladers both pros and underdogs...the mumbai tourney won't be easy though...i was lucky here....
All in all I got to meet amazing bladers and thanks again sam(Nobody) for your efforts and hospitality as well... Smile
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