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Full Version: [Helsinki, Finland, 27.5.2012]BeyDay@World Village Festival
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Welcome to Finland's first ever BeyDay tournament!

It will be held in the Kaisaniemi Park, in Helsinki on Sunday 27th May 2012.

Location: Kaisaniemi Park, Helsinki
Registration time: 12.00-12.30
If you are going to be late, please inform me.
Start time: 14.00
Format: Format will depend on how many people will turn up.
Entry fees: None

The surface on which the tournament will take place is grass. Tournament can be cancelled in case of rain. So watch the weather that day!

If you have any queries, feel free to PM me.
This tournament is not approved yet. This is just to see who could come.
Thank you Kai-V.

Just got today from Japan a delivery containing an Official Takara Tomy Attack Type Beystadium!

Awesome, you seem set to go. Let us just hope that you can get your eight confirmed participants before the weekend though.
Let us hope so.
No luck with this. Let's see tomorrow how many bladers there will be on the tournament.
No participants, tournament not held. But all the bladers had a good time with my collection.

Considered unfair if tournament had been held with my beys.

Only minus was that I lost two beys (Hyper Aquario & Thunder Leone). Well it gives me the chance to buy new ones :-D
Who were "all the bladers" if no participants came ?

Hopefully you can try again another time.
Random kids without own beys. They just wanted to try and play.