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Full Version: Trading BeyLauncher R + More for yugioh or pokemon cards
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Hey guys its Dark Hole here needing some beyblade gear and parts!
Gear I need- Bey Launcher R, Takaratomy Angle Compass
Parts I need-Striker/Unicorno & Byxis energy ring, Evil Metal Wheel, SW145 (Poison Serpents), H145 (Dark Bulls), C145, Libra and Eagle facebolt and a S tip
Beys- Evil Beafowl UW145 EWD, Pre-hybrid Aquario 105 F, Leone 145 D, Pegasus 105 F, Pisces DF145 BS

I have Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Pokemon Cards and some spare beyblade parts to trade for. Im not Buying any with cash but with cards or parts instead,
You Send First

If you want some percific cards just pop a message down below with the part you are trading,

Facebolts- 3 cards
Metal wheel- Metal wheel + 5 cards
Track- 5 cards
Tip- 3 Cards

Pre hybrid bey- 15 Cards ( first two people get Red Card protecters free!)
Evil Beafowl UW145 EWD- 50 Cards (One Rare and Card protecter for rare)
Please specify what you have, and post a picture with your current inventory with your username on a piece of paper next to it.