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Full Version: Takara Counter Escolpio
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Hey Community,

I'm currently searching for:


  • Dragoon Grip Attacker
  • Death Driger AR (Star Shape) or full beyblade


  • Final Survive (Hasbro brown & lime)

Burst (any colour):

  • Dead Phoenix (Layer)
  • Air Knight (Layer)
  • Aqua Leviathan 10 Reach Zephyr'
  • Jolt

I have a huge collection of Plastics, MFB and Burst beyblades. Feel free to ask for anything if you would like to trade & you can check out my Selling Thread. Thanks for watching my thread!

Best regards, Howaitonekon
Please check my selling thread (sig)...thanks!
I got a NIB Wolborg MS, PM me if your interested.

Deleted: Vortex Ape
Added: Magnetic Weight Disk

Greez Smile
I have a few magnetic weight disk if you are interested..
I've got a Turtle survivor for sale. PM me.
And now... an update... more or less, I don't know Tongue_out_wink
I don't have so much money at the moment, but maybe I can get good offers.
As always:

DrigerGatling Wrote:I'm not sure if I'll take an offer, 'cause it depends on the situation.


And I'm searching for used Plastics, so please don't offer NIB/NIP ones Wink
These are the Beys I want to get soon or later (I'll add them to the OP):

Metal Draciel (only Metal Masters)
Gabriel (only silver version)
Dark Draciel or Dark Dragoon (better Draciel)
Galeon 2 (any color)
Killer Eagle (any color except green)
Orca Diver (any color)
Manta Diver (white prefered)
Orthros/G (any color)

I'll also update "Parts" & "Equipment", but I'll only take offers combined with the Plastics I listed Wink

Greez Smile
Update! Smile

I've added some Beyblades to the OP, these are:
  • Death Gargoyle (any color)
  • Big Bang Pegasus Final Drive [only additional]
  • Fang Leone W²D [only additional]

and the most important one for now:
  • Vulcan Horuseus 145D (random booster 7)

It's the combo of the Vulcan Wheel (Vulcan Tempo, Vulcan Herculeo) and the Horuseus Clear Wheel (Hell Horuseus) in combination with the clear 145 Track and the D Tip.

Greez Smile
I got a spare Hasbro Orca Diver, If your interested just let me know through PM.
My Buying Thread is open again Stupid

Sooo... I'll delete some things in the OP and I'll add now a very important Beyblade for me Wink
  • Driger F (Metal Masters Edition)
  • Driger F (Hyperblade Edition) (every condition)

The Hyperblade Edition is the important one, the other special one is additional Wink
The MM-Edition I'll take in used condition, but as described I'll take the HB-Edition in every condition Wink

Greez Smile
Update! Smile

I'm searching now for some Launchers... only Launchers (plastic series) Wink
I think about 5-10 right spin launchers and some left launcher.
If someone want to sell them separately it would be very cool Smile

Greez Smile
Update! Tongue_out_wink

Now I'm looking for Blitz Unicorno and Jade Jupiter (best together of course). The condition doesn't matter, I want to get a good price, so it can be NIP, mint or used Wink

Greez Joyful_2

Plastic Beyblades
  • Draciel MBD
  • Driger S (white TAKARA version)
    Driger F (any TAKARA special version)
    Driger G (black HASBRO version)

HMS Beyblades
  • Dragoon MSUV Running Core

Equipment - only if you can offer at least one of the listed Beys
  • EZ Shooter Grip
  • any additional stuff (Metal Trigger, Rubber)

  • Right Spin Launcher (5-10)
  • Left Spin Launcher (2-3)

Hi if you want Driger g black edition, I have it.
I have a Driger F Clear Yellow, Takara Beyblade if you're interested. It's mint with all stickers, but no box.
Small Update! Tongue_out_wink

Well... I've counted all of my Beyblades last Sunday and except for the broken ones I collected 97 Beyblades, maybe a bit too much Tired

So... for number 98/99 I'm looking for
  • Draciel V
  • Dranzer V
and for the SPs of
  • Draciel V2 (Fin Tectors)
  • Driger V2 (Upper Claws)
to restore them 'cause I only got one for each Beyblade.

And I think the 100th should be special, I'm not sure which one I'll take, but I think it will be one of these guys:
  • Gabriel (silver only)
  • Ariel 2
  • Blizzard Orthrus
As I mentioned in the OP especially these one should be used, 'cause they are expensive as hell in NIB/NIP/mint condition and it would be stupid to spend so much money on them, 'cause I don't like to put it on my shelf, I want to use them Tongue_out
I think Orthrus would be the best choice, 'cause Gabriel isn't that good with its SAR Base and Ariel 2 is too fragile for using it... but they're cool anyway Tongue_out_wink

Best regards
Orthrus will be expensive regardless. Uncertain

Took me a damn while to find mine, for a bit of expensive price; but it was new.
Did you just call the two beyblades with the best Attack and the best zombie parts for plastics not worth buying? WHAT?!!

1) It doesn't matter than the base isn't good. Lots of beyblades with amazing parts have parts which suck. In fact that description counts for nearly all beyblades. That's kind of the way the producers of beyblade make money off it. The AR is the most amazing AR ever released for zombie combos. You know that type completely dominates plastics and is essentially stamina for plastics because it outclasses everything else.
2) Again a way to use the tip without the breakable beyblade has been found so it's definitely worth buying.

If you don't want to spend horrendous amount Gabriel is the best option. Ariel 2 and Blizzard Othrous are often much higher probably due to being rarer and both being awesome in the anime whereas Gabriel (that one at least) wasn't in the anime and was released in two random boosters rather than just one. None of them come round that often due to being random booster prizes and the ones that do will be most likely cost a lot. For example:

Also they don't really come around in a used condition these days for some reason.
Quote:Did you just call the two beyblades with the best Attack and the best zombie parts for plastics not worth buying? WHAT?!!

Haha, sorry for annoying you, but I never wanted to say that these are not worth buying Pinching_eyes_2

I love playing with customizations, but mostly I'm playing with uncustomized Beyblades, just for fun.
For sure I know that Gabriel's AR is great for zombie, but I have to say that personally I would buy Gabriel 'cause of its Base (it's a cool gimmick), not because of its competative use...
The same for Ariel 2, it looks damn great and I don't like it 'cause of its strong rubber sharp/flat Base but for the look Tongue_out_wink
So I think (I don't know the competative use) Orthrus would be the best uncustomized one...
But in the end I would take any of them, I'll use Beyblades I like, not the best combo...
Stupid, but yeah, I'm lucky with it Eee
Only to explain what I was saying...

But in the end you're right, but I will see which one I can get...
So thanks for the advice Joyful_2
I wasn't annoyed just surprised really.
If you're interested, I can offer you a near mint Blizzard Orthrus for $79.99!
Here is a link to a mint blue Death Gargoyle

Here is one for a used Draciel V

Here is a mint Gabriel, quite the expensive one!

Here is a mint Blizzard Orthros Dark Blue Ver. you sure you don't want the NIB one?

Here is a grip rubber
Bump, updated OP Wink
At the moment I need these things:
  • 1-2x String Launcher (right spin)
  • 1x String Launcher (left spin)
  • 1-2x Segment Grip (2/3)
  • 2x MF (orange/white/...)
  • 2x MSF (blue/red)
  • Xx LL2 (just need a couple of these ones)
Yeah... and maybe I won't buy all of it, but I need new equipment, since mine is broken Joyful_2
Just ignore the OP, I don't need plastics at the moment...

MSFs don't come all one color. You might mean MSF customs.
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