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Full Version: Favourite Gintama Arcs
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OK, Personally, Gintama is my favourite anime of all time, always has been, always will. People thought gintama is about action, but really it about, EVERYTHING! it has romance, action, comedy, parodies, and more. Here are my favourite arcs :

1. Baragaki Arc
2. Yoshiwara Arc
3. Benizakura Arc
4. Shinsengumi Discord Crisis Arc
5. Red Spider Arc

What about you?
Gintama is my favourite anime too. However, being episodic in nature, there aren't many arcs in it. I'm currently on episode 151 and so far my favourite arcs are(in no specific order):

1. Blaze of Yoshiwara arc

This one had a lot of action involved but that scene of Gintoki getting stabbed was really funny. It was also nice to see the Yato blood of Kagura in action

2. Benizakura arc

Once again, lot of action involved. One of my favourite scenes in this arc was the reaction of the Yorozuya after being asked on which side they were. Elizabeth also got a lot of screen time in this arc.

3. Yagyuu arc(forgot what it was actually called)

This was one epic arc. Action and Comedy together. That episode where 4 of them end up on toilet seats, without toilet paper, was really funny. This was a really good arc.

4.Ryuugujou arc

I liked it especially because of its first episode. Not to mention, it was definitely funny seeing the older versions of all the characters trying to stop the queen of Ryuugujou.

5. Bentendo Owee arc(I dont know if it can be called an 'arc' but t definitely deserves a mention)

This was again a really funny arc. The parodies of Tetris and Dragon Quest were definitely worth watching.

I wish there was a topic to discuss individual episodes too. :\

Benizakura arc and character poll arc