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Full Version: Buying Balro and other Competitive parts... Read OP first.
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Bump! OP updated! If you got it and don't want it, trade it or sell it!
Bump! OP updated! I need plastics!!
There is no Driger GT. Did you mean Dranzer GT or Dragoon GT?

If you´re looking for Dragoons, I have Dragoon S, Dragoon S Anime Ver., Dragoon F, Dragoon V, Dragoon V2, Dragoon GT and in a few days Dragoon MS for sale. Smile Check my selling thread:
Bump Boooooooooooom!!
Boopin bumpity bump!!
Bah, bump hup.
Hi guys, I'm trying Dranzer MF can you help?
Bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-BULL!! I mean bump.
[bumpy bump with the bump] OP updated! I need a Seaborg with all the proper parts!!
Bumper ball bumps.
I discovered a new way to spam!
What the bump, why aren't I getting any PMs?? You little bumper, sell now!!
Hey, I have a GF that you may want. It's not my type. Oh, and Bahamdia.
Have you all heard of the bumper? It's a metal thing that goes on a car, and you can crash into a Prius, and you'll smash through the driver.
iPhones have a little case called a Bumper, so if you throw it to the floor, it'll ricochet at your face: iSmackYourFaceWithAnIphone4S
I have an extra SR200 to possibly sell to you
Bumper cars: A popular Carnival attraction where you bump in to other cars with metal or rubber inner tubes.
I would sell you BWD and Seaborg. The problem is I don't know if I can :\.

BTW, your bumps are freaking hilarious.
I Could Possibly Sell You A Pegasis. I Want To Hear Another Bump!
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