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Full Version: Top 25 UK Bladers!
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Since BladeStorm is no longer active, i have decided to make a new top UK Bladers thread, however this one won't have the Top 100 UK Members as it would be pretty hard work IMO and there isn't really 100 active members in the UK that come to a lot of tournaments.
So, are you one of the best in the UK? Here they are:

Top 25 UK Bladers:

1. Hell Kid
2. Enzoxs
3. Control_
4. BladeStorm
5. LeeDraciel
6. BeyHyperKiLLer (Me)
7. Blitz
8. Newt
9. ThePokeBlader
10. BeyJun
11. Akatsuki
12. Bleik
13. Cyber Kerberous
14. leo(ne)
15. xUni
16. theflightyellz
17. JJSonicKid
18. Saint
19. Black_Rose
20. madmuppet98
21. BlacK PhoeniX
22. Emotion
24. linh004
25. Void

Anyone who isn't on the list, and who should be, please contact me ASAP. To everyone else that isn't on the list, just keep trying! Also the UK's No.1 is No.1 in the world! Hell Kid!
This is the second time Hell Kid is globally number one, and he was also tied with Kei at one point. I sent him my congratulations the first time I noticed, hah.
Really 18th I thought I wouldn't even rank considering the scene is dead up here.
Nice one Regan. Great idea.
i always thought void would be lower than brazman
considering he only started with a burn aquario 105 wd a year ago.
I knew you would be in the TOP 10 BHK. you have alot of beypoints.
gratz to Hell Kid, Enzoxs, Control_, BladeStorm, LeeDraciel, Blitz, BeyHyperKiLLer, Newt, ThePokeBlader and BeyJun for making the top 10 in the UK
One day I'll reach it. One day!
Lol, first you need to focus on going to a tournament. Wink

Ermm, do you know if you could update it with Beypoints too? I'm just interested as all Tongue_out
ATM, it hasn't even been updated because i don't have the time and it doesn't seem that a lot of people look at it. I'll probably update it in about two weeks since i'm going on holiday on Saturday. But i won't update it with Beypoints/Rank because it is too much effort for too little people.