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Full Version: My selling thread includes DGMSUV dark draciel+ much more
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Yo, im selling some of my plastic and HMS beyblades pm if intrested
[Image: ?action=view¤t=selling004.jpg#!oZZ...ing005.jpg]

[Image: ?action=view¤t=selling004.jpg#!oZZ...ing004.jpg]

Any questions feel free to ask pm me offers cheers guy

Heres the links if the pictures above do not work Smile
This belongs in the "Selling & Trading" forum, not here.
I've moved this to the correct section of the forum also your pictures don't seem to be working (for me at least) so you may need to fix the links.
Never mind I tried to make it work with the links from the bottom but even that didn't work for some reason.
hmmm the links at the bottom seem to work for others so im not sure whats wrong with them
Slash riger ms
PMed about Dark Draciel.
Links worked fine for me but the pictures are a bit fuzzy.
Got my package today, thanks!
sent pm about a possible slash riger ms, plz pm me Smile
I want to say it's sold already. Look for his second comment. He said he had soild the DGMSUV and the Slash Riger.
Is the dark draciel gone?
Maybe, I made a deal with him and he's checking shipping. I haven't heard back yet though.
if he does or not its worth a shot! i really want that slash riger!
I bought the slash riger dude Wink He's a great seller though and he's got more good stuff at really nice prices!
darn you zain! lol darn you